How you can help

donate us

One room’s construction- approx. £3500 to £5500
100 bags of cement- approx. £500
1000 bricks- approx. £100

A teacher’s yearly salary- approx. £700 to £1200
A student sponsorship- approx. £250 a year
A day’s food for poor and orphan children- approx. £70 to £100
A set of clothes for a needy child- approx. £20

Also, you can donate any sum to the madrasah, for any purpose, using the madrasah’s account details.

*You can become a member of the madrasah’s Ashaabe Badr fund (a lifetime donor member) by contacting one of the official staff members to find out more regarding this.


Account Name: Jamiah Muhammadia Harikandi
Sort Code:53-81-21
Account No:83264655
NatWest Bank, UK

Account Name: Jameaa Mohammedia Harikandi
Account No: 1751 101 018839
Pubali Bank Ltd
Kaligonj, Zakiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh


Contact Details:

Maulana Mohammed Oliur Rahman (principal)
Mobile No: 07877597071 (UK)

Hafidh Maulana Siddikur Rahman (vice principal)
Mobile No: 01717303031 (Bangladesh)

Hafidh Maulana Mufti Hamidur Rahman (vice principal)
Mobile No: 01714487004