Jamiah Muhammadia Harikandi

Established over 100 years ago, Jamiah is a large, well-known religious institute, aiming to equip every student with Islamic and secular education, and a good upbringing, under the supervision of various great scholars; it has been fulfilling its duty very successfully ever since it was founded. Many scholars and huffaadh (both boys and girls) have graduated from this institute, to serve their religion across the world. It also maintains provisions for the orphaned, poor and needy children, including food, shelter, clothing, and medication. The institute is currently segregated with separate sections for boys and girls, starting from primary education, going all the way to completing aalim/aalimah classes. There are also separate hifdh classes and primary computing classes for both. Approximately 700 boys and girls benefit yearly from this institute, free of charge, walhamdulillah.

Depertment of Jamiah

Principal of Jamiah Muhammadia Harikandi
Vice-Principal of jamiah Muhammadia Harikandi